Replacing Photos

You can replace a photo you have on your book page or poster currently with another picture that you have found under Ancestry Records or have uploaded to your MyPhotos folder:

First you will want to locate the image you want to replace and the one you want to replace it with. You can zoom in on your book or poster for better control of this. The zoom function is on the top grey toolbar, on the left side. 



 You will then left click on the picture you want on your project and drag it to the photo or frame already on your poster or page. 



The photo you want to replace will highlight in blue.



Release your mouse and it will ask you if you want to replace this image. Select Yes. The image will be replaced. 



If you make a mistake, remember there is an undo feature on the top grey toolbar. Just make sure you undo it right away, if you leave the page you may not be able to come back and use the undo button. 


If you want instructions on switching and swapping photos that are already on your poster or page you can follow this link:


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