Why can't I find My Projects?

There are a few reason why you may not see your projects: 

  • You may be getting an error message, which would require you to try reloading the page or you can always try clearing your internet's cache and cookies if this problem persists: 

Clearing Cache and Cookies


If you are getting a page that looks like this:

There are two reason you are seeing this:

1. You may already have a MyCanvas account created with a different email address. If this is the cast you can try logging in with other email addresses or you can contact MyCanvas Support so they can look to see if you have any other accounts created. You can email us at: support@mycanvas.com or go to our Support tab on the MyCanvas homepage.

2. We did go through a company change when Ancestry sold MyCanvas to Alexanders in November of 2014, and updated to a new site in August of 2015. Any projects that were created in MyCanvas before the change needed to be transferred over to the new site from August 2015 to April 2016. These projects may not have been moved over during that time. Unfortunately they are no longer saved to the Ancestry servers. I am sorry, but there is no way for us to recover these old projects. Here is a link that better explains why projects were deleted:

Where Are My Old MyCanvas Projects?


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