Family Tree Poster Information

We have three types of Family Tree Posters you can create:

a. Standard Pedigree
- starts with a single person
- includes their direct line of ancestors. (i.e. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)
- maximum number of generations for this poster is 9

b. Combination Pedigree
- starts with a couple
- includes their children, and the direct line of ancestors for each person in the starting couple
- maximum number of generations on this kind of poster is 7

c. Descendant chart
- start with an individual person
- includes their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
- maximum number of generations on this poster is 4


The size of your Family Tree Poster will depend on how many generations you want on the poster:

Standard Poster
24x36 - Portrait Format - 7-9 Generations
24x18 - Landscape Format - 5-6 Generations

Combination Poster (All Landscape Format)
24x36 - 7 Generations
24x18 - 5 Generations
20x16 - 4 Generations

Descendant Chart - Size and Orientation customizable when generating poster.


The pricing of our posters is a set price based on the size that you create: 

16x20 Poster - $14.95
18x24 Poster - $19.95
24x36 Poster - $39.95

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