Information about Ancestry Family History books

MyCanvas Family History Book:

MyCanvas family history books can be printed in two sizes 11x8.5 or 14x11. All books are hard cover and there are a few different type of covers you can choose from which will change the pricing and the amount of pages you can have in the book.

You can follow this link for more information about the cover types and the page limits of each type:


Family History Book Formats:

There are a few different formats of the family history books you can create and here is a breakdown of the different types:
Standard Pedigree Book: - starts with a single person - includes their direct line of ancestors. (i.e. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) - maximum number of generations to start this book is 5.
Combination Pedigree Book: - starts with a couple - includes their children, and the direct line of ancestors for each person in the starting couple - maximum number of generations to start this kind of book is 4 (the children of the starting couple, the starting couple, and their parents and grandparents)
Descendant Tree Book: (this is more of a chart format) - start with an individual person - includes their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren - maximum number of generations to start this book is 4
Descendant List Book: (this is more of a report format): - start with an individual person - includes their children and grandchildren - maximum number of generations to start this book is 3


Number of Generations in a Family History Book:

Also important to know MyCanvas books are based on 3-5 generation family tree charts (standard, combination, and descendant). Once the book has been started, you can add as many additional generations to the book as your page limits allow. Auto-generated MyCanvas family tree books are based on a key person that you select from a single Ancestry family tree. 

To add more generations to you book you can follow these links for instructions: 

Including More Than Four Generations:

Adding More Generations to a Descendant Book:

Adding Everyone In Your Tree To A Book:


Pages Added to a Family History Book:

There are a variety of pages that can be generated into a MyCanvas book. It can auto-generate: 
Pedigree Charts will include the direct line of ancestors (Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) 


Descendant Charts and Lists will start with an individual and include their children and grandchildren.

In addition it can generate: 

Family Group Sheets will include a husband and wife, their children, and their children's spouses then list important dates (birth, death, marriage).
Personal Timeline page with birth, death, marriage, and other source facts from their profiles.
Record Pages for individuals, these will be pictures of the sourced documents (such as census records, birth, death and marriage records) you have connected to each individual profile.


Page Examples:

Here are some examples of these pages.

Standard Pedigree:



Combination Pedigree:



Descendant Tree:





Descendant List:



Family Group Sheets: 



Personal Timelines:



Record Pages:


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