Copying and Pasting Text into a MyCanvas Project

1. Add a text box to your page or poster. You will click on the T on the top grey toolbar.

2. Then your cursor will say click to add text. Click on the page where you want your text box.


3. Adjust the size of your textbox by clicking on the small yellow squares in the corner of the text box.


4. Once your text box is resized to fit your text, copy your text from the original source.

5. Go to your paste and click on the text box so you get a blinking cursor.

6. You will need to use your keyboard shortcuts to copy or paste text in your project.

7. To paste use crtl-v (for windows) or command-v (for macs)

  •  Ctrl-c and command-c will copy text from one book page to another

8. Readjust your text box as needed to fit the text in the space if needed.

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