The Share link isnt working

Question: The “Share” link isn’t working, is there another way to share my project

Answer: Yes, there is another option to share the link. This option will not allow your recipient to edit the project. 

  1. Click My Projects in the menu on the left side of the MyCanvas home page
  2. Click Preview under the project you would like to share.
  3. Once the preview page has loaded you will be able to see your project

  4. Highlight the URL on your Preview screen
  5. Click Ctrl C on your keyboard

  6. Compose a blank email

  7. In the body of the email click Ctrl V on your keyboard

  8. The link is ready to be sent to your recipient.

  9. Enter the recipients email address and the description in the subject line.

  10. Send this to as many of your friends as you would like!

NOTE: This option will not allow your recipient to edit  the project. 

The recipient will copy (Ctrl c) and paste (Ctrl V) this link onto their web browser search bar.  

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