416 - How to edit a photo in MyCanvas

Sometimes when a photo is imported into your MyCanvas project it may be cropped to fit in the framed space, this can result in important parts of the picture being cut off. This can be fixed by dragging the photo around in the frame. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • You may need to start by increasing or decreasing the size of the image (this will not change the size of the photo frame, but will change the size of the image inside the frame). Click to select the image and then use the zoom feature shown above on the yellow toolbar.

  • Click on the image so that it is highlighted. When you do this a light yellow circle will appear in the middle of the photo. All of the other tools that appear are also very good for editing the pictures.

  • Click on the yellow circle, when you do this the whole picture will appear in a shadow form.

  • Then release the mouse button and your picture will be in the right place.

Another option for fixing this issue is to enlarge the frame the photo is in. If you click to select the photo you can then click and drag the yellow box at the top, bottom, left or right to change the size of the frame.


NOTE: If you want to enlarge or reduce the size of your picture you can go to our article about how to do this: 





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