403 - How to manually add a person to your chart/poster

Because of the way the program is formatted there is no way to automatically adjust the people on a poster. However, one of the great things about MyCanvas is the ability to customize your projects. The easiest way to add a person to a chart is to duplicate the items on the page. For instance, hold down the shift key and click on an individual's vital information and profile picture, to highlight it, then let go of the shift key and click on the duplicate the selected item on the yellow toolbar.

This will create a duplicate text box and picture. Next, click on the duplicate text box and click on the pencil icon on the yellow toolbar. A flashing curser will appear in the text box; this will allow you to delete the information in the text box and type in the new individual's information, with matching font sizes and styles. Next, move the new text box to the position on the page for the new individual. You can also find a picture of the person you are adding in your tree using the “Ancestry Records” feature and drag it to the frame for the duplicate picture. 

You may use the same process for duplicating other elements on a page, including the lines on the page (using the zoom feature on the page will help to select the line as they are small and often hard to click on). Once you have duplicated a line on the page, click to highlight the line. Next, point to the small box at the end of the box until you see a double-sided arrow, click and hold. You can drag the line in or out to lengthen or shorten the line.

Before ordering a project, click on the Show Grid icon in the toolbar at the top of your page, which will place the grid on your project. Please make sure that everything is within the grid lines so it is not cut off during production. You may also use this grid feature to help you align the elements on the page.


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