402 - Can I get all of my family generations on a poster?

Our goal at MyCanvas is to create an attractive family tree poster, which is suitable for framing. If we put any more generations on the posters than is currently allowed, the print would be too small to read, and the poster would be too large to frame.

We have 3 poster options in MyCanvas: Standard, Combination, and Descendant

The Standard and Combination are pedigree charts only. In genealogy, a pedigree chart is designed to include the direct line of ancestors, and not all the various branches. Once your poster has been generated you can add any additional names and information you choose to customize it and manipulate it before you order your poster. 

The different posters include:


Standard Pedigree chart:

- starts with a single person

- includes their direct line of ancestors. (i.e. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)

- maximum number of generations for this poster is 9


 Combination Pedigree Chart:

- starts with a couple

- includes their children, and the direct line of ancestors for each person in the starting couple

- maximum number of generations on this kind of poster is 7


Descendant Chart:

- start with an individual person

- includes their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren

- maximum number of generations on this poster is 4


NOTE: If you wish to manually add someone to your poster you can follow this link to our article about doing so: 


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