3100 – Working with the Timeline feature in MyCanvas

How can I learn more about the Timeline feature in MyCanvas?

When working with MyCanvas you may have questions about the Timeline feature so we have listed a few FAQ's below to help you.

How does MyCanvas choose the events that appear below the Timeline on Timeline pages? Can they be deleted or edited?
The events that appear below the Timeline on Timeline pages are selected randomly from a database of historical events. If you would like, you can delete or change the text by double-clicking the text box and making the desired change. Lines can be selected by holding down the left mouse button while and dragging the mouse pointer over the line. Once selected, lines can be deleted, moved by using keyboard arrow keys or duplicated using the corresponding options on the object tool bar. The line and associated text can also be selected by dragging the mouse across them and then deleted, moved or copied and moved and then edited as desired.

How many personal events fit on a Timeline?
A maximum of 10 personal events are auto-populated onto a Timeline. However, additional events can be manually added by clicking on the “add text” icon (located at the top of the tool) and by copying a line. To copy an event line, click your mouse near a line and hold the button down while dragging your mouse over the line. After the line is highlighted click the “copy button” located on the tool bar associated with that line.

How do I change the personal events that show up on a Timeline page?
Personal events for the Timeline page come from the events for that person in the Ancestry.com tree. When a book is automatically generated MyCanvas looks at all the events for that person and selects up to 10 of them (only 10 are selected because of space limitations) based on a predetermined priority. For instance life events such as birth, marriage and death have a higher priority than a residence event. You can change those events for a person by adding more or changing them on Ancestry.com and then adding a new Timeline page in MyCanvas for that person. When you add a new page you will be able to select up to 10 events from all those displayed that you want to have show up on the Timeline. You can also manually add events as described in the other Timeline related questions in this section. Once you add the new Timeline page you can delete the old one.

Can I draw lines on the Timeline or elsewhere?
Lines cannot currently be drawn but they can be deleted, copied, moved and edited for length. Lines can be deleted by dragging the mouse across them to select them and then pressing the “delete” key on the keyboard or clicking on the “delete” icon on the displayed menu bar. Lines can be copied after selecting them by clicking on the “copy” icon on the line edit menu bar. They can be moved by using the arrow keys on the keyboard or if they are selected with another object such as text they can be moved by dragging the other selected object (in this case a text box). Once a line has been selected the length can be modified by dragging on the small green box that appears at the end of the line

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