3782 - How to create a MyCanvas book

3782 – How to create a MyCanvas book

How do I create an MyCanvas book?

You can automatically create an MyCanvas book using data in your online family tree on Ancestry.com, but if you don't have a tree, you do have the option to build a book from scratch.

Create a MyCanvas book

There are a few ways to get your family tree online. You can go to the My Ancestry tab on Ancestry.com and select Create a new family tree, or you can upload an existing tree if you already have one saved on your computer.

If you have a family tree on Ancestry.com, and you're ready to publish your book, you have three locations where you can start your book.

  • Select the Publish tab on Ancestry.com.
  • Select Publish and Print while viewing your tree on Ancestry.com,
  • Or go directly to MyCanvas.com.

After you have began creating your book you will have four different options of books to create.

These include:

  • Standard
  • Combination
  • Descendant List
  • Build a book from scratch

Additional options neccessary to create a book

Additional options for your book you will need to select include the following:

  1. The size of your book.
  2. The number of Generations to begin your book with.

Note: The number of generations is only used to create the tree page and as a basis for auto-populating your book. You will be able to add additional generations and detail for anyone in your tree when editing your book

  1. Select one of your trees that you’ve saved on Ancestry.com.

After selecting these options above MyCanvas will ask you to pick an individual to start with, unless you have decided to build a book from scratch. If you have the person in your tree just start typing their name and a drop down menu will appear where you can select the person from a list. Now that you’ve come this far, you just have to name your project and your ready to start customizing your book. There are many options you can use to customize your book. You can select different backgrounds for each page, or you can have the same background throughout the book. You can add pictures, stories, and other embellishments to really make this your own creation. You can edit any text in the book and choose different size, type, and color of text as well.


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