3098 - FAQ's for Creating a Book in MyCanvas

I have a question about creating a book in MyCanvas. Where can I get an answer?

Creating a book using MyCanvas can be quick and easy, you have the ability to design your book yourself or you can use a template and just insert your documents. Below are a few frequently asked questions with answers to help get your MyCanvas book started.

Is there a page limit for MyCanvas books? The maximum number of pages in a book is determined by the cover you choose. You can find the answers to most of your questions when you click on Photo Books under Products in the menu on the left side of the screen. Under the size of book you are interested in, click on Details and Cover Options. When this page opens, you can click on the various cover options to see a picture of the book, and also read more details about the maximum number of pages, what kind of binding it has, the base price of that book.

The minimum number of pages we will print is 18, but you will still be charged the base price for a book with 20 pages.

Can I include more generations in a book? MyCanvas books are based on 3-5 generation family tree charts (standard, combination, and descendant). Once the book has been started, you can add as many additional generations to the book as you choose.

How can I include peripheral ancestors, e.g. siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.? Auto-generated MyCanvas family tree books are based on a key person that you select from a particular family tree. You can create a project that includes everyone in your tree by using a combination of various charts available in MyCanvas.

Pedigree charts will include the direct line of ancestors. Descendent Lists will start with an individual and include their children and grandchildren. Family Group Sheets will include a husband and wife, their children, and their children's spouses. By using a combination of these charts, you can include everyone in your book.

Click on the Pages icon at the top of the project. Select Add New Page. Now you can select the pages you want to add to the book to include the other branches of the family. Add a “blank page” if the person is not currently in a family tree and then add your own text and photos about the person.

Can I create multiple projects with the same tree? There is no current limitation on how many projects you can create from a single Ancestry.com family tree.

Can I switch from a standard family tree to a combination family tree after a project has been created? An automatically generated MyCanvas project is created based on the type of tree that is selected. Once that project has been created there is no way to switch to a project based on the other tree type. You can, however, add either a standard or combination tree to an existing project using the add page feature. You can also easily create a new project based on another tree type.

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