4946 - MyCanvas and the Adobe Flash Player

Why am I prompted to download the Adobe Flash Player when using MyCanvas?

Some parts of Ancestry.com are Flashed based. This means that Adobe Flash is required in some circumstances. Sometimes the version you have installed may have a problem and you will be prompted to reinstall it.

If you are having problems installing it from the website, please follow these steps:

Uninstall any previous versions

  1. Click on the following link:


  1. Click on the link to uninstall Flash Player under step 1
  2. Follow the steps to completely uninstall Flash Player

Re-install Adobe Flash Player

  1. Click on the following link:


  1. Click on the link to Install Adobe Flash

When installing Flash, sometimes you are required to close all of your windows to complete installation. When you have finished installing it, close all the windows that are open on your computer. Look for an icon on your desktop to complete the installation, however sometimes all you need to do is close all the windows.

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