4551 - Fixing relationships mistakes in Ancestry Member Trees

How do I fix a relationship in my Ancestry Member Tree?

In your Personal Member Tree you may find later that a spouse you previously entered really was married to a different person or that a child really belonged to a different set of parents. You can now easily fix relationship mistakes in your tree by detaching and reattaching individuals in your tree.

Detaching incorrect relationships

  1. Bring up the profile page for the person you want to detach this individual from. One way this can be done is by mousing over the individual on the Pedigree View and clicking on View profile

2.  From this Profile page, click on the Edit this person button, located just below their name at the top

3. On the next screen click on the Relationships tab to display the individual's relationships

4.  Now, to dissolve or break this relationship, please find the name of the individual you want to detach from this person and click the Remove link to the far right of their name

5.  Click OK in the window that opens to finish detaching the person from this individual

Doing this will not remove this person from your tree; it only detaches them.  You can still find this person from the List of Individuals

6.  If needed, repeat Step 4 & 5 for any other relationship mistakes listed

Reattaching Individuals

1.  From the Relationships tab for this individual, please click the Add...link for the correct relationship

2.  Now, rather than entering this information again (as this would create a duplicate individual) please click the Select someone already in your tree link above the name fields on this page

These instructions assume the individual you want to correctly attach this person to is already listed in your family tree.  If they are not, please type their name in the fields on the page and click the Save button

3.  Find the correct person's name n the list of all people, and click the orange Select button to the left of their name

4.  Confirm the correct person's name is listed under the correct relationship type, and click the Done button






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