5040 - How to copy pages from one book to another MyCanvas book

Question: How can I copy pages from one book to another?

Answer: You can copy pages between projects, if the books are the same size (i.e. 11 x 8.5 into 11 x 8.5 or 14 x 11 into 14 x 11).

To copy pages into another project:

1.  Open the project you want to copy the pages from

2. Click on the Manage Pages icon at the top of the page. This will open a screen with thumbnails for each page in your book.

3. Highlight each page you want to copy into another project. There are instructions on the right side of the page telling you how to select multiple pages.

4.  Click on the Copy to a Project in the upper right hand corner.  This will open a box with a list of all the projects you can copy the pages into. 

5.  Select the project you want to copy the pages into and click on Continue. The pages will be copied into the project selected. The pages will be placed at the end of that project.

6.  Open the book the pages were copied into, and move the pages where you want them in this book. 

  • You may also do this from the Manage Pages section


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