4945 - How to share a project with someone

Question: How can I share my project with others?

Answer: It is possible to share your project with family and friends. There are a couple of places you can go to share you project.

First option:

1- Click on My Projects in the menu on the left side of the MyCanvas home page

2- Click on the Share this project link to the right of the project you want to share with someone


3- From here, you can share it to your Twitter account, Facebook account, or with a friend by email

Note: If you choose Twitter or Facebook, you will be asked to log into your account, and then proceed with sharing.

4- To share with a friend, click Email to a Friend

5- Enter the email address(s) of the people you would like to share the project with.

6- Choose whether or not you want to allow them to make a copy of the project. If they make a copy, they can make changes to their copy before ordering the book

7- Choose whether or not you want a copy of the invitation sent to you.

8- Send the invitation.

They will then receive an email invitation. When they receive the invitation, they need to click on the link to view your project.

Second option:

1- Open your project in the Edit mode

2- Click on Share at the top of the page

3- Continue with step # 3 from the first option above





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