4945 - How to share a project with someone

Question: How can I share my project with others?

Answer: It is possible to share your project with family and friends. There are a couple of places you can go to share you project.

First option:

1. Click on My Projects on the MyCanvas home page.

2. Click on the 'Share this project' link to the right of the project you want to share with someone.

3. To share with a friend, click Email to a Friend.

NOTE: If you choose Twitter or Facebook, you will be asked to log into your account, and then proceed with sharing.




4.Enter the email address(s) of the people you would like to share the project with. If you want to share the project with multiple emails separate them by commas only, no spaces.

NOTE: You cannot email more than 10 people at a time.

5. Choose whether or not you want to allow them to make a copy of the project. If they make a copy, they can make changes to their copy before ordering the book (this will not affect the creators original project).

6. Send the invitation.

7. They will then receive an email invitation. When they receive the invitation, they need to click on the link to view your project.



Second option:

1. Open your project in the Edit mode

2. Click on Share at the top of the page

3. Continue with step #4 from the first option above



NOTE: If you make any changes to your project you will have to select “Stop Sharing” before you send a new link to friends and family. If you do not select “Stop Sharing” they will receive a link without any of your changes.



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