5099 - Can I change the start date of a previous calendar?

Question: How can I change the starting date of my calendar?


Answer: Once a calendar has been started, you cannot change the date. You will need to start a new project if you want to start it with a different date.

However, if you want some of the same picture pages, you can copy and paste these pages from the old calendar into the new calendar.

Click here for instructions on how to copy and paste all or part of a page: https://help.mycanvas.com/hc/en-us/articles/202100219-5550-How-can-i-copy-and-paste-several-items-from-one-page-to-another-at-one-time-

Note: If you open two different browser windows, you can have both projects open at the same time.

If using a MAC, click on the page, hold down the mouse button and then hit the Ctrl key on the keyboard to open the menu with the options to Copy Elements and Paste Elements.

You can also import events from a previous calendar into a new calendar.

To transfer the dates from a previous calendar:

1- Open the new calendar

2- Click on the Events icon at the top of the screen

3- Click on the Previous Calendars tab at the top of this new box

4- Select the calendar on the left side that you want to import events from

5- Click on Add selected events at the bottom of the box

6- On the right side of the screen the events from the selected calendar will appear.  You may delete any event by pointing to the event, and then clicking on the trash can to the right.

7- Click on Save and Return to calendar at bottom of screen

8- The remaining events on the right will now be imported into the new calendar

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