5087 - How to add text to to MyCanvas project

Question:  Can I add text to a project in MyCanvas?

 Answer:  You may add text almost anywhere to a project in MyCanvas. 

 To add text to any project in MyCanvas.com, follow these steps:

  • Open the project to the location where you want to add the text
  • Click on the icon with the Capitol T add text at the top of the page

Place your cursor on the page where you would like to add the text, and click


This will open a new text box

There will be a flashing black line at the beginning of the text box. Now you may enter the text you would like in the text box

  • Note: If you do not see the flashing black line, click onto the text box, a yellow toolbar should appear. Click on the small pencil on the left hand side to edit the text box. When the pencil is highlighted, with a box around it, you may edit the text in that text box. 

  • Once you have the flashing cursor, you may type your text directly into the box, or you may paste text copied from another source into the box.

The text box will expand down automatically as you add text.  However, if you want the text box wider, you will need to expand it manually. 

To make the text box wider:

  • Point to the small yellow square in the center of the right side of the text box

  • When the cursor turns into an arrow with two points, hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to the left to make the text box wider, or drag it to the right to make it narrower.


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