4833 - How to create a family tree poster

Question: How can I create a family tree poster in MyCanvas?

Answer: Once you create a tree on Ancestry.com, you will be able to create a variety of Family Tree Posters in MyCanvas, using the information in your tree.

To create a family tree poster:

1- Log-in to Ancestry.com

2- Click on the Publish button located on the Ancestry.com toolbar to open the Home page for MyCanvas

3- Click the Family Tree Posters in the menu on the left side of the screen, under Products

4- Choose the format for the poster you want to create. Choose one of the following:

     a. Standard Pedigree

            - starts with a single person

            - includes their direct line of ancestors. (i.e. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)

            - maximum number of generations for this poster is

     b. Combination Pedigree

            - starts with a couple

            - includes their children, and the direct line of ancestors for each person in the starting couple

            - maximum number of generations on this kind of poster is

     c. Descendant chart

            - start with an individual person

            - includes their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren

            - maximum number of generations on this poster is 4

5- Select the number of generations you want included on the poster 

6- Choose the tree you want the information taken from for the poster

7- Enter the first 3-4 letters of the first name of the Starting Person

8- Click on the correct choice for the Starting Person from the list of possible matches in the tree

9- Select the spouse if that option is offered

10- Name the project

11- Click on Continue

Note: If you are creating a Descendant Poster, there will be a new screen that opens. Please make the appropriate selections here and click on Create.

MyCanvas will create the poster based on the information in your tree.

Before placing the order, look over the poster very carefully before ordering. There is a Zoom feature on the gray toolbar in the program that allows you to enlarge the view on your screen so you can check for accuracy.

You can add photos and other information to the poster.


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