5082 - How to add new events to a calendar

Question:  Can I add more events to my calendar that are not included in my tree?

 Answer:  You may add any event you want to your calendar. 

 How to enter dates not in your tree into the calendar:


  • To manually add or edit an event, point to the upper right corner of the date and click on Add/Edit event.
  • When the box opens, you will see places for 3 events.  There may be events in there that you can edit, or you may enter your own events.
  • Click on Save when you are finished editing the events.




You may also open a text box and place it on the calendar to enter events.  You may edit the font, color of text, etc. if you do it this way.  However, you would not be able to import events entered this way into another calendar.


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