4616 - How to copy and paste a long story into my book

Question: How can I copy a long story into my book?

Answer: When a story or history that is already written is too long to fit on a single page, you will need to copy and paste parts of the story onto additional pages.


Note: To add a story that is too long for a single page, it is easier if you work backwards. You will paste the entire story onto the last page, and then copy portions of the story and paste them onto other pages. After you paste part of the story onto a page, you will then return to the page you copied it from, and delete that section. You will repeat this process until you have your entire story in your book.


To add a long story to your book:

1.  Add 2 blank pages where you want to insert the story. 

2.  Copy the story from the original source

3. Open a text box on the second blank page, and paste the story in the text box.

 NOTE: You will need to use your keyboard shortcuts to copy or paste text in your project. To paste use crtl-v (for windows) or command-v (for macs)

4. Once the story has been pasted into the box, and you have positioned the story the way you want it on the page, determine how much of the story you want on the first page. 

5.  Highlight everything you want on the first page.

   a. Click on the text to open the yellow toolbar

   b. Click on the pencil icon at the beginning of the yellow toolbar. Look for the box around the pencil

   c.  This will place a blinking line at the beginning of the text

   d.  Hold down the mouse button, and drag the cursor to the end of the text to highlight the text you want to copy and paste onto the first page of the story


6.  Right click on your mouse and click on Copy or Cut

      a.  If you Copy it, then after you paste it on the other page, you need to come back to the original page, highlight the same text, and then hit the Delete key on your keyboard to remove that text from this page.

     b.  If you click on Cut, the text will be removed from the original text box, and you don’t have to go back and delete it from the text box you just copied it from. 

7.  Open the first blank page 

8.  Open a new text box on this page and Paste the part of the story you just copied into this text box, just as you did when you pasted the entire story on the other page.

 9.  Return to the page where you originally pasted the story and delete the portion you just moved to the previous page if you selected Copy and not Cut 

10. If the story is still too long, add another blank page right after the page you just pasted the first section of the story on, and repeat the process until you have the entire story in the book.

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