3756 - Will the pictures in my book be clear - what dpi should I scan pictures at?

Question:  Will my pictures be clear in the final project? 

                How can I increase the resolution of my pictures?

                Why am I getting the message that the resolution is too low on my photos?


Answer:  The clarity of the pictures in the final product depend on many factors:

1.  Are the original pictures in good condition?

2.  Are they blurry and of poor quality, or are they clear?

3.  Are you importing the pictures directly from a digital camera to your computer?

4.  Are you scanning the pictures into your computer?

5.  When you look at the pictures on the page of your project, do they look clear, or blurry and pixilated?

6.  Is there a yellow triangle in the lower right hand corner of the image in your project?  If there is a yellow triangle, this is a warning that the resolution of the picture is low and it may be blurry or pixilated when printed.  Please point to the yellow triangle to see the warning. If this is the case, then you can make the image smaller until the warning goes away or, if possible, upload the picture again at higher resolution. 



7.  Click on Preview and look at the pictures in your book from here. Do they look OK or do they look blurry? If they look OK, and you have checked everything else, then you will probably be fine.

When scanning pictures into your computer, follow these guidelines:

1.   Scan it at 300 dpi, minimum 

2.   Scan it as an 8x10 if possible, if it is going to be a background or a large picture in the project.

Once the image has been scanned, to find out how large it can be enlarged without becoming pixilated:

1.   Select the image in your photo program on your computer

2.   Right click on the image

3.  Click on Properties

4.  Find the Dimensions of the picture (i.e. 1333 pixels x 891 pixels).  click on the Details tab to open this section.

5.  Divide each dimension by 144 to determine the maximum number od inches for each side of the image. 

Note: For example, if one side of the image is 576 pixels, and you divide it by 144, you will get 4. That means that side of the photo should not be expanded beyond 4 inches.






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