2295 - How to take a screenshot

Capturing a screenshot of your entire screen

Windows PC

1.  When you have something on your computer screen you wish to capture, press and release the Print Screen key on your keyboard.  A screenshot will be saved to your clipboard.  

*Though the Print Screen key is usually in the upper right corner of your keyboard, your keyboard may be setup differently than the image above. 

2.  From the Start menu, click All Programs and select Accessories.  Click on the icon for Paint

3.  Once Paint opens, click the Edit menu and select Paste


*Windows 7 users - Click the Paste button in the upper left corner

4.  The screenshot will be pasted into the Paint window.  To save this, please click the File menu and select Save

*Windows 7 users - Please click the Save icon in the upper left corner of the window

5.  From the Save As window, select the Desktop as a Save in: location.  Now, please enter a name for your file in the File name: field, set the Save as type: as JPEG and click the Save button

6.  This file is saved to the Desktop


1.  On your keyboard, press and release Command-Shift-3.  A screenshot is saved as a file to the desktop

2.  Now, please press the spacebar on your keyboard.  Your cursor will change to a small camera.

3.  With the camera cursor showing, mouse-over a window or menu to highlight it and click with your mouse

4.  A screenshot of just this window or menu will be saved to the desktop



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