415 - Overlapping text

Because of size and space limitations text will sometimes wrap down a line and over other text or images. This is something that you should carefully look for before ordering a project. If this happens in your project, depending on the page and where the overlapping text occurs, one of these methods will enable you to fix this problem. 

One way you can fix this is to resize the box that the text is in. Click on the text and you will get a blue box around the text. On the right side is a small square. Please point to that square. When your cursor turns into an arrow with a point on both ends, hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor away from the text. This will make the text box wider, and move the text up higher on the page so it is not overlapping the text or item below. 

Another way to fix overlapping text is to move the text box. Click on the text box to select it. Once it is selected, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it up, down, left, or right until it is no longer overlapping the other text or item. 

Other options also available are to change the font size or edit the typed information so that it fits.

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