3106 - Optional Pages you can add to your MyCanvas book

How do I add the optional pages to my MyCanvas book?

You may want to add additional pages to your book to enhance the appearance, personalize it or make it easier to use. Below are a few quick suggestions that can be added to your book.

Title page— An introductory page that can be used to highlight a photo of a person or family and to display the book’s title.

Extra page two— Books generally start on the right, so you may want to add an extra blank page in the page two position so that the book begins on page three. You can use this page for placing a date or a dedication.

Dedication— A great place to thank those that helped with the book. A dedication is generally set in italics.

Epigraph— This is a way to set a tone for the book with a quote or famous saying that characterizes the family story. An epigraph is often set in italics.

Section breaks— Adding an extra page between generations or families is a good way to help organize the book and orient the reader.

Story pages— There are several ways to add interest to your book. One is to add a variety of pages based on people or places.You can also add photo pages.

Person page— A text and photo page that tells about a specific person or family.

Place page— A text and photo page that is intended to provide detail about the places where your spotlight person or people lived.

Photo pages— People love to look at photos. A photo page is a great way to introduce variety to a book. See the section on book design for tips on how to arrange your photos.

About the author/family section— This is a logical place to include a little about who put the book together.

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