5229 - How can I include documents from Ancestry.com in my book?

 How can I include documents from Ancestry.com in my book?

 Answer: When you create a family history book in MyCanvas, most of the records are automatically transferred onto pages in the book.

If you have a record attached to someone in the tree, and it did not automatically create a page for that document:

1. Open the project to the place where you want to insert the record

2. Click on the Pages icon at the top of the page

3. Click on Add Pages

4. Click on Record page

5. Click on Add Page in the lower right corner

6. Choose the tree the record is in

7. Select the name of the person the record is attached to. Type in the first 3-4 letters of the person's first name and click on the correct choice from the list of possible matches that will populate.

8. After you select the person you want, in the box, below their name, there will be a list of records attached to this person. Click next to the record you want to create a page for.

9. Click on Add Page.

A new record page will be created, for the record selected.  You may check multiple records, and a page will be created for each record selected.

 Note: There may be some records that won't show in the list of records attached to that person. If this is the case, follow these instructions.

 1- Open the original image in Ancestry.com.

2- Click on Save in the upper right hand corner.

3- Click on Save to my computer.

Note: You will need to choose where you want to save it (i.e. My Documents, Pictures, Desktop, etc.). Remember where you save the image, and the name of the file, so you can find it later.

4- Open the project to the page where you want to add the image.

5- Import the image of the record you saved to your computer.  

6- Choose and apply the background you want. 

7. Point to the record you imported to My Photos, hold down the mouse button, and drag the image onto the new page you created for this record

8. Now you can edit and arrange the image the way you want it displayed on the page.

To edit the image:

  1. Click on the image. You will see a yellow square mid-way on each side, a larger square in the lower right hand corner, and a circle at the upper left hand corner. These are used to crop, resize and rotate the image.
  2. Hover your cursor over one of the squares on the side until it turns into a double sided arrow.
  3. Hold down the left click button and slide the mouse in or out to crop the image.
  4. To re-size the entire image, use the larger square in the lower right hand corner.
  5. To rotate an image, use the circle in the upper left hand corner.
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