5051 - How to delete a page in a MyCanvas book

Question: How can I delete pages in my book? 

Answer: You can delete pages in your book one of two ways.

Option 1:

1.  Identify the pages in the book you want to remove (i.e. 1, 3, 5 & 7)

2.  Click on the Manage Pages icon at the top of the page

3.  Select:  Arrange & Manage Individual Pages at the top of the page.

4.  Select which page(s) you want to delete.  There are instructions on the right side of the page for selecting multiple pages

5.  Click on the gray Delete button in the upper, right hand side of the page

6.  Confirm you want to delete these pages

Option 2:

1.  Open the project to the page you want to delete

2.  Click on the Pages icon at the top of the screen

3.  Click on the Remove Page

4.  Confirm that you want to remove this page






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