5048 - How to import stories into your book from your family tree

To import the stories from your tree into your book:


1.  Add a blank page where you would like to insert the story

2.  On the left side of the screen, under Ancestry Records, choose the tree the story is in

3.  Select the person the story is attached to:

     Type in the first 3-4 letters of the person's first name

     Click on the correct choice from the list of possible matches that opens up

4.  Drag the story onto the page

5.  Adjust the placement of the story on the page

6.  The yellow toolbar that appears when you highlight the story will enable you to adjust the font size , style, color etc.

Note:  We do not support attached Word stories that are saved in .doc format.  Only RTF and in-line text documents will show up under an individual's records in MyCanvas.com.  If you want the attached story to show in MyCanvas.com, you need to re-upload the story as a saved .RTF file.


To do thisin Word, click "save as" and choose .RTF (Rich Text Format) as the file format.


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