5088 - Why won't my project update

Question:  Why won’t my project update?

Answer:  If you are getting the message that the page cannot be updated at this time, it is usually because you have removed the starting person for that page from your tree, and then added them to the tree again.

Every person in your tree has a unique ID number.  When a page is created, it is linked to the ID number for that starting person.  When you need to update the page, MyCanvas connects to that ID number to access the new information for that person.  However, when you remove the person from your tree, and then re-enter them, this creates a new ID number for that person.  When you try to update the page, since the original ID number no longer exists, the page cannot be updated.

You will need to create a new page, instead of just updating the existing page.  This will enable the page to link to the new ID number for that person.

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