5084 - How to make a calendar

Question: How do I create a calendar?

 Answer: You may create a calendar in MyCanvas and can customize each page in the calendars as well. You may add text or photos to the individual dates on the lower pages of the calendar. The backgrounds of any of the pages can also be customized. On the top pages, there are suggested layouts, but you do not need to use them if you would rather create your own pages.

 Follow these steps to create a calendar in MyCanvas:

1. Start on the MyCanvas homepage and go to Calendars on the blue bar that runs across the screen. 

2. You will come to our Calendar page. Click on the yellow Start Project button. 

3. Choose a Theme for your calendar. 

4. A small Calendar Options box will appear.  Choose the Starting Month.

 Note: There is an option for starting the calendar on Monday if you choose.


 5. Start working on your calendar.

 Import dates and pictures from your tree:

 When the project opens, a box will open in the center of the screen where you can choose the information you want to import from your tree. 

  • Select the tree you want to import the information from


  • Choose the person you want to start with.  Enter the first 3 letters of the person’s first name, then choose the name of the person from the list of possible matches in your tree that will come up.


  • Choose either Ancestors or Descendants, and the number of generations you want to include. Once you add one, you may select the other, and add them as well.  So if you start with Ancestors, and choose to include 3 generations, after you have selected them, you may repeat the process for Descendants. 


  • Click on Get People.  A list of all of these individuals will appear in the box below. 


  • Below the list, choose how you want the names to appear in the calendar, and choose whether or not you want to have their picture included as well.


Click on Add Selected Events.  Those individuals will not be listed on the right side of the screen.  You may delete anyone there that you don’t want to include

  • When the list is the way you want it, click on Save and return to calendar at the bottom of the box


  • At the top of this box, there are other tabs that will enable you to import events from previous calendars, and allow you to select the holidays you may want to include as well.


  • When you have your calendar open, you may open this box again by clicking on the Add Events icon in the toolbar
  • To import your photos into MyCanvas:  You may want to include photos that are not currently in your Ancestry.com tree.


    • Click here to learn how to import photos into MyCanvas (link to KB # 1613)


    How to add pictures to the pages:


    • Once the photos are uploaded to MyCanvas, click on the My Photos button on the left side of the screen


    • Click on the arrow in front of the MyCanvas folder to see the other albums


    • Click on the folder in front of the album you want to open 
  • Point to the photo you want in the project


  • Hold down the left click button on the mouse


  • Drag the image onto the page.


  • To place a photo in an image well, drag the image over the image


  • When the image well turns blue, let go of the mouse and the image will drop into that window.

  • You may move the picture around within the window well by pointing to the circle in the center of the picture, holding the mouse button down, and dragging the image around until you center it the way you want it

  • If you don't like it, click on the Undo icon at the top of the page to remove the image without deleting the image

Note: You can delete the image wells and place the pictures anywhere you want on a page as well.

Click on the image well and click on the last icon on the yellow toolbar with the red X to delete it, or hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

 To edit images:

 To edit the image:

  • Click on the image. You will see a yellow square mid-way on each side, a larger square in the lower right hand corner, and a circle at the upper left hand corner

  • Position the cursor above one of the squares on a side until it turns into a double sided arrow


  • Hold down the left click button and slide the mouse in or out to crop the image.


  • To re-size the entire image, use the larger square in the lower right hand corner.


  •  To rotate an image, use the circle in the upper left hand corner.

You can add photos to the squares the same way you would add them to the top pages of the calendar.

 Note: The backgrounds on the pages of the calendar can be customized as well.



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