5071 - How to get a Family Tree maker report into MyCanvas book

Question: How can I put charts from Family Tree Maker in my book?


Answer: There is no way to directly import charts and reports from Family Tree Maker into a MyCanvas book. However, you can save your charts and reports, and import them as images if you choose.


To import a report from your Family Tree Maker program into MyCanvas:

1. Create the report in Family Tree Maker that you would like to import. 

2. After you have created the report, click on the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner of the Family Tree Maker program.



3. Choose the "Send as Image" option in the drop down menu


4. the small window that pops up in Family Tree Maker:


    1. change the Image format to: JPEG     
    2. Change the Resolution (dpi) to: 300
    3. Export mode should be: Different Files
    4. You can adjust the border color, and width to whatever you would like.




  1. Save the image files in a location that you will remember (i.e. Desktop, Pictures, Documents, etc. You need to know the location when you upload the images into MyCanvas.)


  1. Open your MyCanvas project, to "Edit"


  1. Click here for instructions on how to upload images into MyCanvas from your computer. (link to KB # 1613)


Now you may drag the images of the reports onto your project, just as you would any other image.


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