4503 - How to edit an image in MyCanvas

Question: How can I edit an image in MyCanvas?


Answer: You have a few different tools available when you want to edit an image in a MyCanvas project.


To edit the image:


Note: These tools are used to crop, resize, and rotate the image


  1. Click on the image. You will see a yellow square mid-way on each side, a larger square in the lower right hand corner, and a circle at the upper left hand corner
  2.  Position the cursor above one of the squares on a side until it turns into a double sided arrow
  3. Hold down the left click button and slide the mouse in or out to crop the image.
  4. To re-size the entire image, use the larger square in the lower right hand corner.
  5. To rotate an image, use the circle in the upper left hand corner.    



6. When you click on an image, you will also see this yellow toolbar, with    additional editing tools.



  With this toolbar, you may:

  • Change the size of the image
  • Choose the color of the image: Normal, Black & White, or Sepia
  • Add a border to the image, and choose the width of the border
  • Flip the image horizontally
  • Adjust the transparency of the image
  • Select the color of the border
  • Add a drop shadow to the image
  • Move the image to the front
  • Move the image to the back
  • Duplicate the image
  • Delete the image

Note: As a final step, please click on the Show Grid icon in the main toolbar above the project, and make sure everything on the page is within the Grid.


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