5057 - How to add stories not in tree to my book

Question: How can I add stories not in my tree to my book?

How can I add personal histories to my book?

 Answer: There are a couple ways to add stories and personal histories to a book.


First option:

  1. Add a blank page to the book




2. Open a text box on the page                                                                    

a- To open a text box, click on the icon with the capital T add text in the toolbar at the top of the page



            b- Position the textbox on the page where you want it and click one time. This will place the text box on the page.

 5- To move the text box:


a. Check the pencil icon on the toolbar to see if it is not highlighted. When the pencil is not highlighted, you can change the size or location of the textbox. If it is highlighted, and has a box around it, click on the icon to make the box go away.   Now you can adjust the text box, itself.

b. To move the text box, hover the cursor over the text box



c. Hold down the left click button on the mouse and drag the box to wherever you want it on the page  


6- To change the width of the textbox:

 a. Hover the cursor over the square on the right side on the text box



b. When the cursor turns into a double sided arrow, hold down the left click button on the mouse 

c. Drag the side of the textbox to the width you desire 


7- To add text to the text box, click on the pencil icon so that it is highlighted



8- Type your story or history directly into the text box


Second option: If the story is typed in Word, or another similar program, you can copy and paste it onto a blank page in your book.

 Add a blank page for the story

Open a text box on the new page (see the instructions earlier in this article)

Click on the pencil icon so it is highlighted

Now you can paste the story into the text box

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