5056 - How to change the size of a book

Question: How can I change the size of my book?

 Answer: You cannot change the size of your book, but you can recreate the book in a different size.

 To make a new book in a different size:

 1. Go to the Photo Books tab on our homepage.

2. Choose the size book you want.

3. Select Start Blank Project, found to the top right of the book themes. 


4. Open a new Browser so you have 2 different browsers open (i.e. Internet Explorer and Firefox)

  • You may only have one project open in each browser, so if you have two browsers open, you can have both projects open at the same time

 5. Open the original book in the new browser window


6. Now you can proceed to copy each page in the original project, and paste it onto a page in the new book


5- To copy an entire page:

     a- Place the cursor in any corner of the page you want to copy.

     b- Hold down the left click button on your mouse

     c- Drag the cursor, diagonally, to the opposite corner. This will highlight the entire page and place a black box around everything. Make sure everything that you want to copy is within this black box.


                 d- When you release the mouse button, all the elements on the page will have a blue box around them



e- Right click anywhere on the page

     f- Left (formatting) click on Copy Elements in the menu that opens.


6-Open the new project to the page you want to copy to.

7-Right click anywhere on the page

8- Left click on Paste Elements. This will paste the copied page onto the new page. It can take a few seconds for everything to copy




9- Rearrange the items to fit the new page.

10- Repeat this process until each page has been copied into the new project.Note: The backgrounds will not copy, so you will need to re-apply the backgrounds to the pages in the new book

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