1613 - How to Import Pictures into MyCanvas

Question: How do I import my photos into MyCanvas?


Answer: You can import your photos from your computer, or another site by following these steps:


To upload photos from your computer:

 1- Open your project

 2- Click on the My Photos tab on the left side of the screen

 3- Click on Import Photos



 4- Select an existing album, or create a new album to upload the photos to

 Note: You will be required to click that you have read and accept the  Submission Agreement before you can proceed further

 5- Click on Select photos



6- This will open the files to your computer. Open the files with the images you want to import

7- Select the images you want to upload. Depending on your system, you can select multiple files to upload at the same time, or upload them individually. Hold down the CTRL key if you want to select more than one file to upload at the same time. Some systems only allow you to upload them individually. This is not something that MyCanvas controls.



 8- Click on Open to Upload to MyCanvas



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