5053 - How can I include more than 4 generations in my book

How can I include more than 4 generations in my book?


Answer: The initial upload for the book will include 4 or 5 generations, depending on the choices you make when starting the book. After you have started the book, you may add as many additional generations as you choose. These generations may be added by creating additional pedigree charts at the end of the current pages in the book.


To add additional generations


  1. Open the project to the first pedigree chart. This is usually the first page of the book, unless you have added other pages in front of it.


2.  Look at the last generation on this page. Beginning at the top of this last    generation, look at each name and identify whether or not you have more generations past this individual that you want to include in this book. Please refer to your tree on Ancestry.com to see how many additional generations you have for each person. For example, the top name in this picture is Ole Nielsen. If there are more generations after this person, then write down this person's name and birthdate for reference.

3. Next, Open the project to the place you want to add the next generations. For example, you won't want to add them in the middle of another set of generations, so you will most likely want to click on the last page of the book and add the next generation to the end of the book.



4. Click on the Pages icon at the top of the page.  



5. Click on Add Pages. This will open a screen showing the pages available to add to your book. 

6. Select the page you want to add. You can choose 4 or 5 generation pedigree charts, or Descendant pages.              



7. Click on the Add Page button in the lower right hand corner.

8. Select the tree you want to pull the information from.




9- Designate the starting person for this chart.

a. Enter the first 3-4 letters of the person's first name

b- Click on the correct choice from the list of possible matches from the tree.




10. Choose the spouse.

11- Select the other pages you want to create in the lower left hand corner:

            a-  Timelines

            b-  Family Groups Sheets

            c-Record pages




12- Click on the Add Page(s) button and the pages will be generated and added to your book


13- Repeat steps 3 – 12 for each person you want to add more generations to in the book.


Please Note: The pages(s) you chose will be created and added to your project as the next page(s). If you had page 10 open in your project when you clicked on the Pages icon, the new page(s) will begin on page #11.



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