645 - How to delete a picture in MyCanvas

Question: How do I delete photo's from MyCanvas?


Answer: Individual photos can be removed as long as the pictures were imported from your computer database. If they were imported from another site, such as SmugMug, the entire album needs to be removed.


To remove individual photos:

1- Open a project in MyCanvas

2- Click on the My Photos tab on the left side of the screen

3- Click on the arrow in front of the MyCanvas album to show the list of other albums

4- Click on the folder in front of the album you want to delete photos from



5- Click on the photo you want to remove

6- Click on Remove Selected Photo at bottom of page.

  To remove an entire album:

    1. Click on the name of the album you want to remove 

    2. Click on the Red X to the right of the album name




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