5052 - How to add more charts and pages to your book

To add ages, charts and timelines to your projects:

  1. Open the project you would like to add pages to
  2. Click on the Pages icon at the top of the page (not Manage Pages)




3. Click on Add Pages, this will open a box with several page options


      4. Click on the page you would like to add


5. Click on the Add Pages(s) button in the lower right corner



6. Select the tree you want the information pulled from



 7. Choose the Starting Person

Type in the first 3-4 letters of the starting person's first name

Click on the correct choice from the list of possible matches from your tree



8. If you chose a Pedigree Chart, Descendant Chart or List, then you can also choose to create the following additional pages for the people in this new chart:

  • Timelines
  • Family Group Sheets
  • Record pages




9. Click on the Add Page button in the lower right corner



Please Note: The pages(s) you chose will be created and added to your project as the next page(s). If you had page 10 open in your project when you clicked on the Pages icon, the new page(s) will begin on page #11.

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